Mountains, Meadows and Buck Snort

IMG_1458  About an hour west of Denver is another one of Jefferson County, Colorado’s terrific parks – Pine Valley Ranch.  The park features beautiful trails into the foothills with mountain views, a gorgeous meadow walk, a lake and a flat hiking/biking trails that follows along the edge of the north fork of the south branch of the Platte River.

On my recent visit, I made the maximum loop by adding the steeper Park View & Buck Gulch trails with a loop around the meadow using the North Fork View trail and then back to the lower parking area on the Narrow Gauge Trail.  All combined it is a comfortable 2 hour walk with great views.


If you work up an appetite, you are only a few minutes from the Bucksnort Saloon.  It wasn’t open at the time I was there, but enough people had recommended the experience that it is worth the extra (very insanely narrow, perilous) mile of driving.  IMG_1463

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1 Response to Mountains, Meadows and Buck Snort

  1. Beth says:

    Nice pics. I heard that place was really special in a -bring an extra gallon of purell- sort of way:) The hike though…wow!

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