Halloween Hiking in Maryland

ImageImageIf you are not much into the haunted hayride scene but think it would be fun to inject a little creepy into a Halloween hike, consider a visit to the section of the Appalachian Trail that passes through Burkittsville, Maryland – the setting for the movie The Blair Witch Project.  While I am not aware of any organized activities in the area, a few local folks have nonetheless taken the time to maintain year-round a few of the outdoor scenes from that movie in the woods around this section of trail, including those piles of rocks that the characters discovered outside their tent, and a few creepy stick figures in the trees.  They are set back from the trail which makes them all the more startling and “realistic” when you do notice them – not too far from the Gathland State Park parking lot on the Southbound section of the trail. 

For a little pre-hike prep, stick your head in the open, unoccupied tomb of George Alfred Townsend (nicknamed “Gath”)  – at the parking lot near the trail head.  And when you are up there, remember not to let your friends carry the map.

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  1. Greg Bassett says:

    Very cool!

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