Watching 2 Fishermen

I observed 2 fishermen down by the river as they attempted unsuccessfully to share the same fishing spot. They eyed each other warily.

The first, a tall quiet fellow dressed in blue and gray, quietly standing and watching. He is the year-round resident, the “local”, whose home sits hidden back in the woods. He does not appreciate the company that has come upon him.

The other fellow is a short, loud fisherman dressed in speckled white and brown. He is a seasonal visitor who has build his large house directly on the water for everyone to see. He is loud and splashes about, unaware that his actions seem to irritate the tall, quiet fellow with whom he shares a riverbank.

Finally in disgust, the tall fellow can take it no more and leaves the spot to his noisy, raucous neighbor. The blue heron rises up and glides gracefully away over the river, seemingly reminding the seasonal osprey with a rattling call that it is he, the heron who fishes the river through the entire year.


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2 Responses to Watching 2 Fishermen

  1. Loved your story, Tony, and great GBH capture too!

  2. Neita says:

    I found your blog thru bayphotosbydonna and I enjoyed reading all of your posts, particularly since I’m familiar with the areas you write about. I noticed you don’t post very often, but you do tweet, so I’ll follow you there too. (I’m MDNaturalistGrl on twitter)

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